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IKT-Norge vokser stadig, og vår største tilvekst av nye medlemmer er norske teknologi-startups. EnlightAID er en av disse, og vi tok en prat med en av grunnleggerne og CEO i selskapet, Veronica Celis Vergara, om hva de jobber med og hvorfor de ønsket å være medlem hos oss.



Veronica er fra Chile, og intervjuet er dermed gjort på engelsk!

Who are you and what is your company developing?

EnlightAID is a tool to fundraise and manage aid projects transparently by showing the cash flow and what is done as it happens. It serves 4 users: NGOs will crowdfund and share their payments and activities; Personal Donors will see and support projects they love; Companies and Governments will ensure their CSR and aid programs are transparent. We will charge a portion of the funds raised and capitalize on our user base for targeted marketing.

How far have you come in the development, both of product and business?

We are in the development process, about to launch our Beta version in a few weeks. Currently EnlightAID is in the process of becoming an incorporated company and we are raising funds through a private network of investors. 


Photo: Tore Ramstad

Why did you become a member of ICT Norway? 

We are a member because we need support in working with other Norwegian IT companies, high level organizations and government officials in Norway. In addition we  utilize standards related to IT security and data privacy privacy protection where we need to work closely with ICT Norway.

What do you expect from your membership in ICT Norway? 

We believe ICT Norway can help us establish a network of contacts that can bring our company to the Next level. 

Anything else you want to share with us? 

Our team is 2/3 Chilean and 1/3 Norwegian, and we believe this gives us a unique perspective and drive to build a tool like EnlightAID. Our team understands what it is to live in a place with endemic corruption which is of tremendous influence in our work, our ambition is to fight this reality. 

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