Money2020, the worlds largest FinTech-conference, will be arranged in Europe for the first time 4.-7. April in Copenhagen. IKT-Norge will attend with a Norwegian pavillion of seven companies, called Fintech Forest. We have in asked all the companies to present themselves, so you can get to know them better!

First company was Promon, and then it was Spiff.

This time we have interviewed Andreas Ericson from Banqsoft!

What makes fintech so exciting?

There are a lot happening in the fintech area at the moment. We are seeing new actors challenging the way financial institutions operate today and new ways of making financial transactions which is both transparent and easy to use for customers. It is said that ongoing change is equal to the change the paper industry was in some years ago.  There has been more than 50 Billion dollar invested in Fintech the last 5 years, and the investments are increasing year by year.

Exactly what is it that makes Banqsoft so special?

We help banks and financial institutions become different with our wide product offering and opportunities for unique design.  We integrate towards any third party front end system and enable minimum manual handling. We can take your ideas to product in no time – It only took us 5 months to deliver a fully operational bank to Bank Norwegian. All in all, we make it possible for banks to focus on their business instead of IT.

aer 2 670x376 1458049333What is the upside of being a fintech-company  in Norway?

I would not say that we do not fit the definition fintech company, but we enable  both new start-ups and traditional banks to focus on making good services. Norway as well as rest of the nordics has historically been good in adopting new technology and business models. There also a lot of skillful entrepreneurs with guts out there..

Why are you a part of the FinTechForest-pavilion at Money2020?

It is the biggest fair coming to Europe and gets us the opportunity  to meet both potential and existing customers. We are also getting to feel the pulse of the financial market and to spot the new trends that are emerging.

What are you hopes for the conference?

New contacts, meet customers and partners.

What are your prognosis for the Norwegian fintech in the future?  

The fintech arena is going to continue to grow, new smart technology is going to challenge the “followers” in the branch!

And last but not least, why are you a apart of IKT-Norge?

It is a good network to participate in for us, and its very well organized with a chance to meet people with new ideas and a clear vision.