These are companies participating at the BETT 2014 London reception (info in Norwegian).

Visma supplies a wide range of critical IT solutions to the public sector, and is a key player in the field of eGovernment. Our modern cloud service for school administration is used by a large share of the primary- and lower secondary schools. Visma has recently won a contract for the delivery of such a cloud service for the entire upper secondary school sector in Norway. VISMA_Master_4f


Kikora – digital e-learning suite for mathematics tailored for schools and students at grade 5 up to high school. 80,000 licences in Norway.



Inspera Assessment
A cloud based test and exam platform schools and universities. Create and deliver inspiring tests, and analyze the learning outcome to help students learn more.

Creaza is a web-based learning tool that enables students to create curriculum-based digital stories in the form of comic strips, movies, mind maps and presentations.

Fronter is the leading learning platform for schools, delivered as a service over the Internet. With about 160 million log ins per year, Fronter is transforming schools – the way technology has transformed the society our children are growing up in.



iFinger is a supplier of digital dictionaries used by more than 160 000 students. The service offers instant access to quality content from respected publishers such as Cappelen Damm, Collins and Samlaget.


Easy-to-use, game-based, blended learning & classroom response system. For schools, universities & businesses. Use with any device.

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Microsoft Education works the educational sector all the way from preschool to college. The focus is on making technology available, as well as contributing to the technological potential yielding learning and teaching methods which support the skills of the 21st century.


WeWantToKnow makes intuitive, effective and engaging mathematics resources. Our award-winning DragonBox series secretly teaches students of all ages algebra.


Conexus AS is a software company that provides web-based process tools for collecting, analyzing and monitoring data. In addition to the software the company holds heavy professional content expertise. Assessment for learning, evaluations, change management and development of systems for learning is some of the company’s main focuses. The aim is to structure information as a basis for learning and create adaptive learning processes.


Interactive Norway

Interactive Norway is the Norwegian distributor of SMART Board interactive whiteboards, with resellers all over the country. SMART offers interactive whiteboards, interactive projectors or flat panels. Your finger and multitoch gestures can be used to control all SMART Boards. SMART Notebook collaborative learning software ensures collaboration and student engagement in the classroom.

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Lenovo PCs are designed and built to withstand the harshest environments—even a classroom! They’re adding new dimensions to the learning experience and providing new ways of sharing information.


For the past ten years, Moava has developed software for schools and pre-schools. We believe that good computer programs can free up time for teachers and administration so they can spend more of their time together with their students. We at Moava believe that everyone has a basic curiosity and desire to learn. Our wish is that ICT should be a natural part of the learning process, and our goal is to contribute to this by creating viable solutions for the educational sector.

We enthusiastically deliver web solutions for schools and pre-schools, an SMS system with two-way communication, and And above all: We are passionate about learning.



Gyldendal Undervisning

Gyldendal Undervisning is the largest publishing house for education in Norway, sporting 20 years of experience creating digital teaching materials. We think that the solutions to a lot of the challenges schools are facing today are digital. That’s why we are heavily into digital content and digital services, and we have presently sold over 250 000 licences, from Salaby to Smartbooks.




Atea is the leading infrastructure player in the Nordics. With the best knowledge in the market, strong local presence with offices throughout Norway in 23 cities from Kristiansand in the South to Hammerfest in the North, we are there to support and engage all customers.

Using the best of our infrastructure knowledge, combined with understanding of the needs in the school and educational market, we have formed a dedicated team throughout Norway for this market. Unique products and solutions have been developed in cooperation with both our customers and partners.



TV 2 Skole

Every week TV 2 School make news broadcasts for primary, secondary and adult foreign language speakers. TV 2 School is also making complete learning resources that is up to date. Everything TV 2 School produce are directly linked to the curriculum goals and objectives that can supplement og replace the traditional textbook.

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