ICT Norway is the interest group for the Norwegian ICT industry. We represent the full range of the spectrum from the major players down to small entrepreneurial companies.

Our political impact is well documented, and we offer the most extensive network of the industry. Being a member of ICT Norway means both assuming responsibility for your own conditions, and that your company will be recognized as a responsible company. This is why ICT Norway members in many cases are preferred by customers.

We deliver results, which is precisely why it is important to be a member. We do not beat around the bush – we go straight on. We are there for your business and your issues.

ICT Norway fronts a number of issues which might be difficult for your company to present on your own, and we have access to all the major forums.

We work every day with:

  • Enlarging the market and removing obstacles to our members.
  • Increasing value for the industry
  • Helping with internationalization and capitalization
  • Helping reduce risk exposure for our members
  • R&D cooperation, and access to capital and consortiums

ICT Norway is not an employer association. We are completely independent. Membership therefore does not trigger tariff responsibility to unions, or other outdated ideas.

However, we do offer our members legal advice and employer services. We work with the best in the business.

It pays off to be a member of ICT Norway. Your company gains access to our reports and analyses, and members receive a 50 % discount on our standardized contractual agreements. In addition, your company may save between 25-40 % on insurance contracts. This includes general insurance, pension insurance and health insurance.

We are the voice of the industry – join today!