«Technology and creative rights in the arts sector» is a seminar about issues of creative rights management (CRM) in a contemporary context. The seminar has several  main speakers, each from a different venue within industries related to rights-management. The seminar will also include a panel debate.

 – Large Screen intro by Larry Lessig: How creativity is being strangled by the law
 – Researcher Njaal Borch (NORUT): Digital distribution in the future: Free or controlled?
 – Kjersti Oppdahl, Rock City Namsos: Music industry in a 10-15 years perspective
 – Torgeir Waterhouse, IKT-Norge: How to deal with file share.
 – Thomas Gramstad (Creative Commons Norway) : About Creative Commons
 – Thomas Nortvedt, Norwegian Consumer Council: What will the users require in the future?
 – Per Martinsen, (artist: Frost, Mental Overdrive, etc.): Experience with digital distribution seen from an artist point of view.
 – Discussions

Register at karl@tvibit.net by October 8th. Free admission!