Money2020, the worlds largest FinTech-conference, will be arranged in Europe for the first time 4.-7. April in Copenhagen. IKT-Norge will attend with a Norwegian pavilion of seven companies, called Fintech Forest. We have asked all the companies to present themselves, so you can get to know them better!


This time we have interviewed Einar from Zwipe!

Pee9rC8AHi Einar,

Zwipe is a really interesting company and I would like to hear more about that but first I am eager to get some answers to some other questions;

What is it that makes FinTech so exciting?

The FinTech industry is probably the most vital, innovative and rapidly changing industry of them all where both the incumbent players, as well as newcomers are investing in new technologies to stay competitive.

What is the advantage of working with FinTech in Norway?

In Norway we can grow our company rapidly with easy access to competence, we can work closely with banks that are willing to pilot new technologies and there are attractive government funding and incentive soltions for start-ups.

And Zwipe, what is it that makes you stand out in the crowd of FinTech-companies?

Zwipe has developed the World’s first credit card with a fingerprint sensor on it, that eliminates the need for a PIN code. This will dramatically reduce fraud and stolen identities, which in turn will benefit the banks, the merchants as well as giving peace of mind to the end user.

What made you take the decision of being a part of Money2020?

Money2020 is special in the sense that there are highly qualified attendees present. There are many other fintech conferences, but M2020 seems to be where key decision makers gather and mingle.

What are your hopes for Money2020?

We expect expand our contact network and to meet with leaders from a variety of industry players, hopefully to get closer to specific business opportunities.

From your point of view, how do you see the future for the FinTech-industry?

We expect the FinTech industry to continue its rapid growth, but as seen from other industries we believe that structured clusters can add more value to its members rather than operating alone. In that sense IKT-Norge and FinTech Forest represents the most structured and best organized FinTech cluster in the Nordics.

Last but not least, do you have any recommendations for those that are interested in FinTech?

As a Fintech company you need to stand out with a clear value proposition that is easy to explain. Timing is essential, the market has to be ready to absorb your concept within a short time frame – in two, three years your concept may already have been replaced by alternative technologies.